2005-10-10 • Rough Draft

To be hand deliverd in a day or two. I'm trying to work out the kinks, so any advice you may have about refining this letter is greatly appreciated.

Dear C_____,

This letter is to inform you that I am resigning. I have accepted a new position as a reference librarian for [giant international law firm] and will be starting there as soon as the details can be worked out. The biggest detail to which I am already aware is that [giant international law firm] wants to pay me a fair wage to do the same kind of work I do for you.

I thank you for the opportunities you have given me here and right up until we had that meeting in your office in which you told me that you were not considering me for the promotion for which I’d applied, that you’d like to change my internship so that it no longer ends after two years but instead would have an indefinite term so I could be some kind of life-time intern, that even if you could change my current internship you would advertise it heavily as a new position in an effort to fill it with someone else, and that you would gladly serve as a reference for me but would tell potential employers negative things about me, right up until that moment I enjoyed working here. After that, less so.

I realize, C_____, that this may be a hardship for you. I am not blind to the fact that you have managed to drive nearly the entire reference staff off through your mismanagement of people and that when I leave you will have only one reference librarian remaining, aside from your ever growing cadre of part timers of course. I am also aware that despite the number of people you bring in here to interview, the library’s reputation, your reputation, C_____, precedes you and no one will accept your offer for employment. I cite here specifically the fact that we have had two very nice positions open for twenty (20) months. Additionally I feel bad for the students who will be affected by this, the students who will not be able to receive the kind of support they deserve, they kind of support they pay tuition expecting to benefit from.

Therefore, C_____, I am suppressing my initial inclination to take a pee on your desk and walk out this very moment. Instead I will stay as long as you need me up to two weeks from this date. I leave that in your hands. It will put barely a dent in that twenty (20) month average replacement time, but it is the best I can offer you. My official last day will be eight working days after the last day I come into work. This is to accommodate my remaining vacation time. I will return my master key after my vacation pay has been processed.

Very Truly Yours,


Posted at 10:44 a.m.

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